FAQ - Big Sur

FAQs about Big Sur

Scenting Information

How many square feet does the Big Sur scent?

The Big Sur will scent a space between 100-2000 square feet, depending on the layout of the space and the intensity at which the machine is set to release the fragrance. The more open a space is, the further the scent will travel. 

How long will my fragrance bottle last?
The timeframe will vary depending on the length and frequency of how you customize the emission of fragrance. However, the average length of time is between 4-6 weeks per bottle.  Our recommendation is Starting Cycle - 20 seconds and Shut Down Cycle Duration - 450 seconds.  Again, this is average use based on these settings.

How do I know when the fragrance needs to be replaced?
When the ball (you add this per the instructions in the manual) reaches the bottom of the fragrance bottle, there is still enough oil in the bottle to work for 15 more hours.  After this, the liquid shortage alarm will turn on and the voice prompt, “please add liquid” will sound.  If the bottle isn’t replaced over the next 24 hours, the machine will stop emitting fragrance.

Are the fragrances available to order in monthly Subscription Boxes?  Yes, unless they are described as seasonal scents 

Will there be more scent options?
Yes, more scents will become available over time. 

Does the Big Sur come with one full-size fragrance bottle of my choice at the time of purchase?

What if the scent is too strong for my preference?
You can adjust the settings and frequency of emissions to be less often via the Perfuming Room App.  Each scent varies in intensity, so it is personal preference with each scent.

What if the scent is too weak for my preference?
You can adjust the settings and frequency of emissions to be more often via the Perfuming Room App.

Can I use other fragrance products in my Big Sur machine? 
We recommend that you use Topanga Scents fragrance bottles.  The Big Sur was created to use our Topanga Scents Fragrances.  Other oils and fragrances were not tested in our machines.

Can I use my Topanga Scents fragrance in other machines or devices?  
We do not recommend that you use our fragrances in other machines or devices.  The fragrance and bottles were created and formulated specifically for Big Sur.  Our products were not tested in other machines.

The Big Sur Machine

Is there a Warranty on my machine?
There is a limited 30 day warranty.  The details can be found in your box upon arrival. 

When using the machine, should the days we want it to be run be orange or white?
Orange indicates that those are the days the machine is running

What’s the difference between cold air diffusion and a diffuser?

Cold air diffusers use a heat-free means to disperse scent which preserves the delicate compounds of the scents.  This type of diffusion distributes a fine vapor throughout your space.  They are the best at producing highly concentrated scents that can last for hours.  This system provides you more control over the amount and duration of scenting you desire. Dispersing scent with cold air is the safest and cleanest way to fill a room with a scent.

Other diffusers use heat, water or both to diffuse the scent.  This can result in a less intense aroma.  They also have a smaller dispersion range and can make a mess.

Will an air purification system reduce the effects of the Big Sur scent machine?

To get the full effect of the scent, you would want to make sure your air purification system didn’t contain charcoal or activated carbon filter layers.  Those types of filters are designed to remove odors and/or scents from the air.  You wouldn’t want to place Big Sur in a room with that type of air purification system.

Are there videos I can access on how to use the Big Sur? 
Yes, we have several videos that show machine set-up, machine usage and how to use the app.  These are on our website https://topangascents.com 

How do I keep the Big Sur away from my pets and children? 
The installation instructions are listed in the manual and on our website https://topangascents.com  It provides specific instructions and the parts to install it are included with the purchase of your Big Sur.

How high up should I place my machine for optimal fragrance emission? 
We recommend at least 3 feet up for maximum benefit.

Can the fragrance spill out of my machine?
Yes, but only if you turn the machine over or manipulate it onto its side.  You need to keep the machine upright once the fragrance bottle is inside the machine.  You also want to make sure it’s on a stable surface.

What do I do if I misplace my Instruction Manual? 
Head over to our website at https://topangascents.com and you will find a digital copy.

App & Usage 

How do I find the Perfuming Room app and get it on my phone? Does it cost anything? 

You can scan the QR code in the back of your instruction manual.  You can also search it when you are in the app store.  The app is completely free.

Is there a way to program two options for fragrance emission through the app?
Yes, you will set each one up and make sure you select emission after setting it up.  You will do this for both set-ups.  You will need to be present and within the bluetooth range of each machine for the set-up.

Can I have 2 machines at 2 different locations and use the app?
Yes, you can.  Just set them up before you leave the location.  The app works on bluetooth, so you will need to be in range when you set each machine up via the app.

What if I don’t know military time?  

There is a military time conversion chart located in your Instruction manual. 

What if my machine won’t connect to Bluetooth?
There is a reset button (bottom button) on the front of the machine.  Hold down for 3-5 seconds to reset your machine. 

Will my machine work if my phone is not connected? 

Yes, the only time your phone has to be connected is when setting up the machine through Bluetooth. Once initial setup is complete the machine will run on that setting until you change the settings. 

Does my machine work while I am gone? 

Yes, your machine will run on the settings you programmed until you change it. Your phone does not have to be in the same location as your machine to make it run. 

What do I do if my machine will not disperse fragrance? 

Unplug your machine and keep it unplugged for 3 minutes. Plug it back in and hold down the reset button (bottom button) for 3 seconds. Connect to the Perfuming Room app through Bluetooth. Program machine using a boot time 10 minutes prior to setup and hit emission. If the machine is still not working, email service@topangascents.com and describe your problem. 

What do I do if I have problems with my machine and I have tried all of the suggested solutions? 

Email service@topangascents.com and describe the problem.