FAQs - Cruisers

How long does the scent last?

They typically last at least a month.  Heat seems to activate them, so they usually last longer during the warmer months!  This also depends on your personal preference for scent intensity and the scent you are using.

Can they melt in the heat?

No, they cannot melt in the heat.  Actually, the heat seems to activate them and can intensify the scent!

Can you use these as wax melts?

No, we do not recommend using these as wax melts because they were not created or tested for that purpose. 

Do they contain any toxic chemicals?
No, there are no toxic chemicals in our Cruisers!

What are the ways these can be used?
Many customers not only use these to scent their cars, but also their drawers, suitcases, gym bags, and more. They are perfect to scent any enclosed space!

Which scent is the strongest?
Each scent varies in intensity.  We have had feedback that suggests that Bel Air and Brentwood are two of our stronger Cruiser scents.

Which scent is the least strong?
Each scent varies in intensity; however, we have had feedback that suggests Paradise Cove and The Grove are two of our less intense Cruiser scents.