Shipping Tiers

Shipping Rates

Effective July 1, 2021

Dear Customers and Distributors: 

Over the past year many of our materials have gone up in price, and we have absorbed the cost in an effort to not raise the price of our products. In addition to an increase in raw material prices, we have also seen an increase in shipping costs.  Included in shipping costs (none of which we have figured into our product prices) are boxes, packing materials, tape, and the most expensive---carrier rates. The rates for all have increased in the past year. Because of these increases, we are unable to continue offering free shipping. We will start charging price-tiered shipping rates on July 1, 2021. Although there will soon be a charge for shipping even for orders over $100.00, the rates, in most cases, are well below the actual price to ship. Please note, that the code SHIPFREE will no longer work after June 30. Please see the chart below for information on the tiered shipping rates. Also, if you live in an area that we offer free pickup, that will still be available at no charge. 

Total Product Price

Flat Shipping Rate